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“Engaging Neathouse Partners has been great for our organisation. We had never used a HR company before so at first, we were a little hesitant; but we haven't looked back. The team at Neathouse Partners has been excellent from initially sorting our contracts and policies to helping us when we need them. I look forward to working with the team for many years to come.”
Linda Buchan
Dr Linda Buchan
Director @ Axia ASD Ltd


Neathouse Partners

Axia-ASD offers a specialist service to individuals, both adults and children, with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) and Learning Difficulties.

Autism is a neurological difference that affects the way in which many people view the world.

It might make people experience discomfort in unfamiliar environments, it might make them engage in repetitive behaviour, and it might make it hard for them to process the way in which others think and feel.

That’s why it’s wonderful that organisations, such as Axia ASD, strive to make life better for people with neurological differences. 

For this company, the goal is to value peoples strengths and interests, and the first step is often a diagnosis.

The Perfect Fit?

Neathouse Partners

It’s no surprise that a business which cares for people with autism would care for people under its employment, too.

That’s why Neathouse Partners is the company which Axia ASD Ltd chose to help improves its employment policies and HR measures.

Going the Extra Mile

Neathouse Partners

This organisation cares about going the extra mile to look after people with ASD, so it makes sense that it would also care about going the extra mile to look after its own members of staff. 

Their workers need to feel valued in order to be able to value the people with whom they work. Those staff members are people, too, after all.

With the assistance of Neathouse Partners, Axia ASD are able to treat their workers better; we provide them with an outsourced HR service as and when questions or issues arise. This helps to ensure that the needs of their employees are always met.

Happier workers form happier relationships with clients. 

It’s of paramount importance that this business is able to deliver a kind and caring service because it deals with people who need to be helped in an understanding environment.

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