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“Neathouse Partners have proved a great business partner for us with reliable, prompt, and sound Employment Law and HR advice.”
David Prince
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Barlows understand the importance of great HR in order to maintain their employees high standard of workmanship 

As a company that specialises in numerous areas of home maintenance, Barlows has never shied away from keeping their customers happy. 

They offer electrical repair and installation services, primarily, but their team members also provide general property maintenance services, covering areas such as heating and plumbing.

For years, this family-based business has been dedicated to its clients. The professionals who fix up homes and commercial properties to run effectively have built a fantastic name for this brand.

Excellent customer service can take a company a long way.

Taking Care Of Employees

Neathouse Partners

Barlows is a company that became successful for more than just its expertise in electrical design and property maintenance.

This multi-disciplined team of specialist contractors has achieved so much because the business takes care of its employees as well.

How We Have Helped

Neathouse Partners

To look after its staff members, Barlows Ltd sought advice from Neathouse Partners. We’re experts in employment law and HR, so we were more than happy to guide them on all things HR with their workers.

We’ve provided HR advice on policies for employees, employment contracts, and have helped them to deal with new issues as and when they arise.

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