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Charles Ransford And Son
Jason Perry
HSEQ Manager @ Charles Ransford & Son Ltd


Neathouse Partners

Ransfords process around 70,000 tonnes of logs each year – thats a lot of logs! So keeping their employees on the right track is of upmost importance.

Founded in 1876, Charles Ransford & Son Ltd has become a leading British sawmill supplier in high-quality fencing and other timber products.

They pride themselves in their installation of green electricity and UK sourced timber while managing eco-sustainability.

Their ethical stance doesn’t stop with their products. The company knows that its employees are essential to its long-term success. That’s where Neathouse Partners has assisted; by providing professional HR advice regarding the latest employment legislation and effective HR practices. 

What We Have Done?

Neathouse Partners
  • Executed an HR audit;
  • Reviewed, and redrafted their Employment Contracts;
  • Developed their Staff Handbook to fit the culture of the business;
  • Handled poor performance issues;
  • Assisted with absence issues.

The Result

Neathouse Partners

With the guidance of Neathouse Partners, experts in HR, the company have managed to improve its workforce productivity and, as a result, its overall success.

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