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Jet Concierge Club is a high-value organisation that specialises in the realm of business aviation.

With a fresh new concept, this aircraft management co-operative is owned by each of its thirty members and provides operations maintenance, safety and charter services for private aircraft.

With every member owning an aircraft and being a shareholder in the company, this makes the HR needs of Jet Concierge Club extremely unique.

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Neathouse Partners

Due to the unique nature of Jet Concierge Club, Neathouse Partners provides bespoke, non-partisan support in numerous areas of HR and employment law.

We have worked with them for many years to give them the best possible advice no matter what the issue.

Employment Contracts – Laying out expectations at the beginning of an employment term is vital, especially in companies dealing with luxury items and high-value clients. Neathouse Partners has given Jet Concierge Club guidance with drafting and updating employment contracts to protect both staff members and the business overall.

HR Policies – Having the right HR policies and procedures in place is vital for companies of all sizes, and we have given Jet Concierge Club advice on the best policies for them, based on their size, the number of employees, and issues they may face going forward.

Maternity – Every company will need to handle maternity situations, allowing pregnant employees to feel secure and supported. When it comes to Jet Concierge Club, we have advised them on their responsibilities towards maternity for staff, including how this impacts employment, pay, and filling roles in a way that complies with employment law.

Absenteeism – Staff sickness can be one of the most difficult situations to approach. We have given Jet Concierge advice on how to write and explain a sickness policy for employees, how to deal with issues that surround staff sickness, including long-term sickness, unexplained absences, and how to appropriately approach staff who may be taking a large number of sick days.

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