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Elevation Brickwork Ltd.

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“As a business, we operate a lot of self-employed contractors from contract to contract. Neathouse were able to provide me with sub-contractor agreements, as well as Contracts for my apprentices and office staff. They were great throughout.”
Neil Stockton
Neil Stockton
Managing Director @ Elevation Brickwork Ltd


Neathouse Partners

Elevation Brickwork has a large number of Self-Employed Contractors, plus several office staff and apprentices.

Neil Stockton, the Managing Director at Elevation Brickwork had never outsourced his HR before joining Neathouse Partners. Similar to many businesses in the construction industry, Elevation Brickwork employs a small number of office staff and apprentices, and a large number of ever-changing Sub-Contractors operating on a self-employed basis.

The Situation

Neathouse Partners

Having seen in the news about companies employing false self-employed workers, Neil contacted us for us to assess whether he was correctly managing his workers. He didn’t have any agreements in place for his Contractors, nor had any Employment Contracts for his office staff and used the college template agreement for his apprentices.

What We Did

Neathouse Partners
  • Allocate Elevation Brickwork to Bobby Ahmed as their dedicated HR and Employment Law advisor;
  • Complete an initial HR audit of the business;
  • Develop robust Self-Employed Contractor agreements;
  • Prepare Employment Contracts for the office employees;
  • Including a Employee Handbook which had never been in place previously.

The Result

Neathouse Partners

Neathouse Partners have assisted with the HR compliance of the business and have become an extension of Elevation Brickwork’s HR team. This has freed up time and saved the business money when compared to expensive solicitors rates.

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