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"I have been working with Misbah and she has been amazing. I would highly recommend using Neathouse, and in particular Misbah"
Rebecca Palmer
Rebecca Palmer
Commercial & Operations Director @ Oxford Leadership Academy Ltd.


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The team at The Oxford Leadership Academy know that to create a purpose-driven business, you need to engage with purpose-driven people. They are dedicated to helping individuals find their purpose and embrace it. They help to develop strategies that allow their clients to unlock their own potential.

They work with organisations to transform their performance and output. They teach businesses the benefits of strong leadership and the importance of fostering a culture of accountability and engagement.

With over twenty years of experience using their proven, research-based methods, they have helped countless organisations to accelerate their performance. They create breakthrough interventions that result in alignment and improved results all around. They also support established businesses to flourish through times of change, using strategies that help professionals through what might otherwise be disruptive periods.

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Neathouse Partners

Since they know the value of people who are driven and engaged, Oxford Leadership Academy is passionate about maintaining the best practices and standards for their own employees, too.

They understand that great people make great businesses, and they are uncompromising about the high standards they deliver.

As their own business continues to grow and flourish, they outsource their HR & employment law services to us.

We have helped them to draft their employment contracts, including more complicated contractor and self-employed agreements. We have also helped to create their staff handbook in line with the best practices for their industry.

In addition to contracts and handbooks, we have assisted with probation meetings, employee absence through sickness policies and employee bonus schemes, too.

Our experts in HR and employment law are committed to ensuring that the staff at Oxford Leadership Academy Limited receive the high levels of support and respect that their employers so dearly value.

By handing over the HR & employment law tasks involved in their business, Oxford Leadership Academy have freed up more of their own time. By allowing us to do what we do best on their behalf, they have more time and resources available to invest in what they do best – helping their clients reach their full potential.

If the same investment would benefit your business, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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