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Neathouse Partners have helped us with invaluable HR advice and are available at a drop of a hat whenever we need them. I would recommend their services for any Business looking for an outsourced HR Support Service
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Kelly Harrison
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Pure Cloud Solutions Limited supports businesses globally by providing a range of creative technology solutions. Whether it’s a simple security solution, disaster recovery, or a telephone and network problem, Pure Cloud Solutions offers a variety of helpful services to solve any communication or technology issues you face.

Originally formed in 1990 as CS Communication Services Ltd, the company became Pure Cloud Solutions in 2012, and has since gone on to successfully build strong business partnerships, helping to utilise the power of the cloud and make a difference. They offer an extremely reliable customer service team that is happy to advise businesses on the best future-proof solutions for their needs.

They are passionate about solving problems and will not only meet your business needs but also make sure they form a strong and supportive relationship with you in the process, should you ever need them again in the future.

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Neathouse Partners

Pure Cloud Solutions hired Neathouse Partners to help them with what goes on behind the scenes and assist them in developing practical employment policies.

Since a successful business relies on its workforce to deliver what it’s promising to the highest standard, Pure Cloud requires motivated employees who are dedicated to their line of work and feel comfortable enough to reach out for support and guidance when needed.

This is where we came in at Neathouse Partners, helping them implement strategies to deal with staff misconduct in a professional way as well as advising on performance appraisals to ensure that progress within the workplace is on the right track.

On top of this, our team also guided Pure Cloud Solutions on dealing with flexible working requests and employee grievances, as this requires more sensitivity and care.

To find out how Neathouse Partners can help you, or for more advice on how to deal with complex situations in the workplace, speak to one of our advisors today on 01244 893776.

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