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Since 1982, holistic manufacturer, Sunrider, has helped people achieve balance, health, and happiness through natural, whole food products.

With founders including medical doctors, chemists, and pharmacologists, the experts behind Sunrider fuse ancient Eastern traditions with Western technology to create an innovative line of safe, holistic products across health and well-being, beauty, and home.

Rooted in Chinese herbal philosophy and stemming from the founder’s own well-being journey, Sunrider is the product of rich family history.

Their philosophy is grounded in balance as they aim to support a healthy mind and spirit by nourishing and cleansing the body.

This ethos runs through everything they do, from the people building their stores to the natural products they sell and the communities they support. Sunrider takes the holistic route, providing truly effective products that are safe for both the consumer and the environment.

Going back generations, this is more than a company; it’s a family.

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Sunrider prides itself on its innovation and on providing the best products and support to their community. However, they wouldn’t be able to do this without nurturing their own team of dedicated employees.

As their philosophy demonstrates, happiness and well-being are vital. That’s why Sunrider takes a holistic and caring approach to helping employees reach their full potential.

Neathouse Partners bridges the gap between employer and employee, helping to facilitate fair communication and provide a better understanding of employment legislation and supportive HR practices.

It’s important that Sunrider gets reliable, ethical HR and legal advice to assist the well-being of its employees. We have helped establish a solid foundation by carefully assisting in the creation of new employment contracts, and a staff Handbook tailored to the industry’s best practices and their individual culture.

Our legal experts worked closely with Sunrider to advise on paternity leave, self-isolation during COVID, holiday entitlement, and sick leave.

For a company that values health and happiness so highly, it made perfect sense for them to direct this care internally too. With our HR support, Sunrider is confident in its ability to navigate concerns that may arise and properly support employees.

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