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“Neathouse Partners have been absolute life savers. They helped us with our Contracts and procedures, were there at our beck and call with invaluable advice when ever we needed them, calmed us down when things became a bit worrying and helped us with every single step along our journey. I would absolutely recommend their services for anyone looking for employment law support and outsourced HR services (oh, and the value for money is out of this world).”
Nitzan Regev Sanders
Nitzan Regev-Sanders
Managing Director @ The Creative Copywriter Ltd


Neathouse Partners

Results-driven copywriting agency seeks HR firm for top-quality advice & support…

The Creative Marketer Ltd is a business that thrives on presenting captivating wordsmithery to people.

The business’ skilled copywriters are incredibly creative and innovative. They think outside the box.

They know how to word things in ways that will capture people’s imagination, and their content strategy is always meticulously calculated, which makes it clear that this company puts great amounts of effort into its work.

The employees at The Creative Marketer understand the intricacies of appealing to a buyer on behalf of each and every business that they help.

So Why Neathouse Partners

Neathouse Partners

It makes sense, then, that this business hired Neathouse Partners for assistance with the legal aspects of their employment policies and the daily operations of their HR department.

This is a company which takes great pride in delivering a reliable service to each of its customers. It wouldn’t be able to do that if it didn’t take care of its workers.

After all, a business relies on a workforce to deliver its goals; a brand has to be more than enticing promises. It needs to be substantive. And, when running a marketing company, you need motivated employees who can keep delivering creative and engaging promotional copy.

So, The Creative Marketer Ltd was right to seek the help of Neathouse Partners to gain a better understanding of employment legislation and effective HR procedures. As a result, they were able to look after its staff members and deliver better content to its clients. It just shows that workers are the key to the success of a company!

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