How To Deal With Racist Social Media Posts By Employees

How To Deal With Racist Social Media Posts By Employees

An appalling after-effect of England’s defeat at the Euro 2020 final is an influx of racist posts about the players on social media. The employers of some individuals who have made racist comments have been identified, causing severe damage to their reputation and credibility. We outline below the steps you can take to deal with […]

How To Reduce The Heightened Risk Of Burnout With Autistic Employees?

How To Reduce The Heightened Risk Of Burnout With Autistic Employees?

Experts in autistic studies have confirmed that employees who have autism are far more likely to be at risk of experiencing burnout if their needs have not been considered. This article will explore the heightened risk of burnout for autistic employees and what the employer can do to mitigate this. Why are autistic individuals at […]

Gender Reassignment Discrimination: Non-Binary And Gender-Fluid Identities Are Protected


The recent case of Taylor v Jaguar Land Rover raises some crucial issues concerning the rights of transgender employees, notably that non-binary and gender-fluid identities are protected by the Equality Act 2010.  Below, we discuss the main issues of the case and outline ways that you can ensure that your business supports transgender equality. Taylor v […]

Apprentice Sues His Employer for Age Discrimination

Apprentice Sues His Employer for Age Discrimination

As an employer, you ought to be aware of discrimination against ‘protected characteristics’ – that is, mistreating somebody based on their gender, race, sexuality, disability, or age. And as the name suggests, you have an obligation to protect your workers from being judged upon certain aspects of their background and indeed, who they are as […]

95% of SMEs Unaware Of The Legal Rights Of Disabled Employees


You might have seen over the past couple of years that there have been government pushes to get disabled people back into work. However, despite the numerous attempts by the government to get around one million disabled people into work, a study has concluded that there has only been a 5% increase over the past two years. If […]

Employee Wins Discrimination Claim Against Manager But Not Employer

Leeds City Council

A Leeds City Council employee has won a racial harassment case after his supervisor made racist remarks while the pair were travelling in a works vehicle. The case was initially brought against both the Council and the supervisor himself, however, the case against the Council was rejected after the employee accepted that the Council had […]

A New Mum wins £35,000 payout


A judge has awarded a mother from Castlemilk more than £35,000 at an employment tribunal after the company employing her cut her hours by more than half after she fell pregnant. Pauline Rodgers, a mother of three, had held a position as a supervisor at the care firm, Appropriate Services. However, soon after it became […]

Tribunal Finds That Oxford University’s Retirement Age Is Not Discriminatory


Pitcher v University of Oxford The result of an employment tribunal has found that Oxford University’s retirement age is not discriminatory. A former academic at the university, English Professor John Pitcher, was forced to retire at age 67. He claimed that the university’s Employer-Justified Retirement Age (EJRA) policy was discriminatory and made a claim for […]

Rise In Disability Discrimination Claims

Rise In Disability Discrimination Claims

Over the last two years, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of disability discrimination claims made by workers at employee tribunals. According to the Ministry of Justice, there were 6,550 disability discrimination claims in 2018, up more than 37% on the year before. These claims can be hugely expensive for employers to deal […]