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Employees Off Work With Stress? Here’s What You Need to Know

off work with stress

Employees being off work with stress is becoming an increasingly common issue in the UK. This can be a huge problem for businesses, as it can impact productivity, affect bottom lines and impact other members of your team. But if one of your employees is off work with stress, what can you do? In this […]

What Is Direct Discrimination? Everything You Need To Know

what is direct discrimination

What is direct discrimination? Direct discrimination occurs when a person is treated unfairly as a result of their protected characteristics. This could be their sex, a disability or their religion or belief. Direct discrimination can also occur when someone believes that a person holds a protected characteristic, even if they don’t, or as a result […]

Guaranteed Interview Scheme: What Is It And Who Should Be Part Of It?

Guaranteed Interview Scheme

The Guaranteed Interview scheme was a government scheme that businesses could sign up to, in order to demonstrate their commitment to offering interviews to people with disabilities, providing they met the minimum criteria for a vacancy. However, this was replaced by the Disability Confident scheme in 2013, which sets out a similar commitment. In this […]

Positive Action At Work – Putting It Into Practice

Positive action

Positive action is a popular way to increase diversity and equality in the workplace, but it sometimes comes under scrutiny. It’s particularly important to ensure that your actions don’t cross over into positive discrimination, as the line can sometimes feel blurred. So, how can you take measures to increase the diversity of your workforce and […]

Positive Discrimination – The Complete Guide

Positive Discrimination

Under UK law, employees have the right to be treated equally in the workplace. This means that discrimination has no place in the workplace, where employees should be given the same chances, no matter what characteristics they hold. Positive discrimination means favouring a person because of their protected characteristics, which leave many people wondering if […]

Discrimination By Association – An Employer’s Guide

Discrimination by association

As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure the fair and equal treatment of every single one of your employees. This means complying with the Equality Act 2010 to ensure that your staff are not discriminated against. But did you know that even employees who do not hold one of the protected characteristics can […]

How To Support Employees Going Through The Menopause

How to support employees going through the menopause

Menopause affects a significant proportion of the UK workforce, and its symptoms can lead to performance and attendance issues. We outline below the potential claims that may be brought if you fail to acknowledge an employee’s menopausal symptoms and some best practice advice on supporting employees experiencing menopause at work. Impact Of Menopause At Work […]

How To Comply With The Duty To Make Reasonable Adjustments

How To Comply With The Duty To Make Reasonable Adjustments

Employers are under a legal obligation to make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees, and failure to comply is a form of unlawful disability discrimination. We outline below the types of adjustments that employers are expected to make as well as some best practice advice to protect your business from potential discrimination claims. What is the […]

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: New Duty On Employers?

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace New Duty On Employers

The government recently released its response to the consultation on sexual harassment in the workplace, which proposes legal changes to offer enhanced protection to employees. We outline below the proposed legislative measures and some best practice advice to prevent sexual harassment from occurring within your business. Background Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace is a […]

How To Deal With Racist Social Media Posts By Employees

How To Deal With Racist Social Media Posts By Employees

An appalling after-effect of England’s defeat at the Euro 2020 final is an influx of racist posts about the players on social media. The employers of some individuals who have made racist comments have been identified, causing severe damage to their reputation and credibility. We outline below the steps you can take to deal with […]