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Ewa Harrison
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Quaife.net Ltd is an online payment provider that helps businesses offer online payment options to their customers.

They have many flexible options that their clients can choose from, including the capacity to process payments in up to 190 different currencies. So, they are truly global, with their aim to make payments smarter, without borders.

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Neathouse Partners

As a company that helps other businesses achieve their best and boost profits, it can sometimes be challenging to focus internally on the practices that ensure this can continue.

This is why Quaife.net Ltd turned to Neathouse Partners when they needed help with Human Resource management and employment law.

They continue to outsource these services to us so they can remain focused on driving secure and streamlined online payment systems while ensuring they are creating the best possible work environment for their valued employees.

We have helped them to draft their employment contracts and staff handbook.

We are made up of qualified professionals who are experts in all aspects of HR, meaning that we can offer specialised advice on creating documentation that remains in line with best practices for any industry.

This has proven to be a great help for Quaife, especially alongside our invaluable HR advice that is available whenever they need it.

To find out how Neathouse Partners could provide the HR help that your organisation needs, call us today on 0330 175 8215 and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

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