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Need help attracting and retaining top talent? Our employee incentive arrangements could help you incentivize employee loyalty.

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Attract and retain top talent with employee incentives

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It can often be hard for employers to get all of their employees aligned with the goals of the business.

When this happens, it makes it difficult to incentivise employees to stick around and give their work their all. If your employees don’t feel as if they’re a part of the company – rather, they feel as if they’re just there to work; it takes away from the working culture your business has.

This is often not at the fault of the employee but the fault of the business for not offering any kind of incentives or benefits.

If you’re going to retain the top talent at your business, then you need to make sure there’s an incentive plan in place that’s right for you. Every business has a different culture, and we understand what it takes to both attract and retain top talent in all workplace scenarios.

At Neathouse Partners, we want to make sure your business has everything it needs to incentivise your employees, while fully following legal regulations as you do.

HMRC tax-advantaged share plans

Neathouse Partners

Enterprise Management Incentives (EMIs)

EMI schemes give businesses the power to offer their employees various share options. Having such a stake in the business gives employees a lot more reason and motivation to help grow the business.

Company Share Option Plans (CSOPs)

Independent companies may look to provide a CSOP for their employees, giving them options to be granted shares in the business. We can help you decide if this is right for your business model.

Save As You Earn Schemes (SAYEs)

SAYEs, often favoured by larger companies, allow employees to purchase shares in the company at a more appealing price. Giving your employees all of the incentives they need to put more of themselves into the business.

Share Incentive Plans (SIPs)

We can help to give you the power to award the employees within your business their own shares yearly while benefiting from generous tax advantages – perfect for smaller companies.

Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs)

Do you think it’s worth giving up your business in favour of an EOT? We can help with that decision and go through the benefits and potential risks with you.

Non-HMRC tax-advantaged incentive plans

Neathouse Partners

Ordinary and preferred shares

Rewarding your employees is important, and we can aid you in providing the best method of rewarding employees with ordinary and preferred shares.

Growth share schemes

Giving employees a genuine benefit from the growth of your business is the best way to inspire loyalty and hard work towards the company. We can help to make sure your company implements this in the most beneficial way for everyone.

Share options and restricted stock units

RSUs can work as a goal or promise to employees as a reward for their hard work. This can be simple to implement, but not always the best incentive arrangement for all businesses.

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