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Commercial lawyers at Neathouse Partners are experts in all areas of commercial agreements.

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Your best interests are our priority

Lawyers at our firm can draft, prepare, review, evaluate and resolve numerous commercial agreements on your behalf.

To ensure that you receive the best possible service, we consult with you about your business and your aims for each agreement you enter into. By understanding the context of any agreement, our team can ensure that you position yourself optimally.

We have ample experience in corporate contracts at all levels, from small firms to large ones. We work across industries, including finance, banking, hospitality, shipping, technology, retail, and heavy industry.

Why lawyers are essential for Commercial Agreements?

Corporate agreements you enter into are legally binding, according to the courts. Therefore, it’s essential to work with qualified and experienced lawyers who can ensure that you position yourself correctly.

Our team can help you in several ways. These include:

  • Negotiating contracts: It can be challenging to know which terms to accept and which to contest in a commercial agreement. In many cases, legal diction can obscure the underlying meaning, causing misunderstandings. Our lawyers can translate “legalese” into plain English that you and your team can understand.
  • Drafting contracts: Commercial agreements must be written in such a way that they cover all scenarios that may affect you. There shouldn’t be loopholes or inaccurate statements that the counterparty could use to its advantage.
  • Assist in breaches: Occasionally, opposing parties may breach contract terms. Our lawyers can represent your interest and ensure that all legal mandates are followed.
  • Evaluate proposals: Courts don’t always protect onerous terms. Therefore, we can evaluate draft contracts to ensure that they withstand legal scrutiny.

We can help you with:

Business Partnership Agreements Joint Venture Agreements Franchisor Agreements Agreements Relating to the Sale of Business Confidentiality Agreements, NDAs Employment Contracts & Agreements Contractor Agreements
Supply & Distribution Agreements Loan Agreements Shareholder Agreements Directors’ Services Agreement Agency Agreements Sales & Marketing Agreements Training Supplier Agreements Terms & Conditions

Why Neathouse Partners?

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Renowned expertise

Our team comprises of industry leaders and specialists dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in the latest Employment Law, Health & Safety and HR developments.

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Services tailored to you

A fully bespoke 1-2-1 client-adviser model, offering a dedicated, fully qualified and experienced advisor to each client, who can handle all documentation and queries on their behalf.

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Fixed fees

We base our prices on fixed monthly retainers, so you and your business receive an unlimited service without unexpected bills. This helps you to budget for your HR and Employment Law spend.

What our clients say about us

As a company, we have used Neathouse for a number of years. The service throughout has been exceptional. All matters are dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner. James and Gwyn are always on hand to deal with any issues and have provided detailed employment contracts, staff handbooks and advised on complex matters. I would highly recommend Neathouse as a trusted HR partner.

Amanda Chalmers Executive Assistant Stretton Capital
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A great service - fast, professional and friendly with accurate information on all things HR.
Full outsourced HR service is provided giving us peace of mind that we remain compliant

Steve Griffith Business Manager St Gerard's School Trust
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“Having used the services of Neathouse Partners for many years, I’m confident to say that their employment law advice is commercial and focused on the answer rather than the journey! I have recommended the team to many other businesses and have never heard a bad word said.”

Scott Young Director - Corporate Services RedEye

The experts on hand have been exceptional, their service is excellent and such value for money. If you are considering outsourcing your HR then I recommend you do.

Courtney Nangle Charity Manager Sue Young Cancer Support in Leicestershire and Rutland
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Frequently asked questions about Neathouse Partners.

What geographical areas does Neathouse Partners cover?

We offer services to all businesses and organisations located in England, Wales and Scotland.

Does Neathouse Partners cover my industry?

We provide HR and employment law services across a range of industries, including:

  • Health and social care 
  • Retail
  • Hospitality and leisure
  • Charities
  • Construction
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Healthcare

Visit our industries page for more information on the sectors we cover. If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch and we'll let you know if we can cover your industry.

What makes Neathouse Partners different from other service providers?

We pride ourselves on our professional yet personal service, and build close working relationships with our clients so that we remain accountable for the advice we give. We provide personalised solutions to our clients, tailoring them to their unique business challenges while making them compliant with UK employment law and HR best practices. 

As a business owner, you need to focus on what’s really important to your business, with the peace of mind that we're looking after your HR requirements. We draft, edit and prepare your documents on your behalf, so that you can focus on your business knowing you’re fully compliant. 

We're a small collective of specialist qualified employment lawyers and HR experts, delivering an outcome-focused end-to-end service that helps you to operate at your best and comply with both UK law and HR best practices. 

You’ll be given your own personal HR Consultant or Employment Lawyer, who'll take their time to really get to know you, your business, and how you operate. This enables us to support what’s right for your business, whenever you need it. Our unique offering of lawyer-led employment law services, combined with expert HR advice, means that we can provide a seamless and consistent service to our clients. Unlike other companies offering HR solutions, our services always come at a fixed cost, enabling you to easily budget for your HR requirements, with no financial surprises later down the line. There’s no usage limits and no hidden extras. You can rest assured that all of your HR and employment law requirements are covered.

Which sizes of companies does Neathouse Partners help?

Neathouse Partners caters to a diverse clientele, accommodating the needs of everyone from small businesses with a single employee to large-scale organisations with 7,000 or more employees.

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