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In addition to health and safety support we also provide Health and Safety Training solutions, starting from £45 per person.

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During the business growth journey, it becomes increasingly reliant on its people and its systems.

If your personnel haven’t had the right training in implementing the safe systems of work you put in place, productivity will be affected.

This will have knock-on effects on your teams and the workload that the business can manage.

In addition, the business isn’t able to achieve full compliance as systems and processes that exist in the form of documentation aren’t effectively implemented within the business.

To prevent these issues from arising, Neathouse Partners offer health and safety related training, both with accredited training courses from recognised industry bodies to bespoke training solutions tailored to your business operations.

Accredited Training Courses

Neathouse Partners

Health and safety compliance isn’t just adding new rules and documentation to your business, but rather ensuring that everything you do to ensure compliance is understood at all levels within the business and implemented so that it can be effective.

At Neathouse Partners, we can supply your business with industry-accredited and recognised training courses that are cost-effective and meet the needs of your particular requirements, rather than just being a box-ticking exercise.

From legally required training, such as First Aid and Fire Safety, to training that will be relevant to your operations, such as DSE Assessment Training and Manual Handling, we have it all covered through our extensive network of partners and providers.

Tailored Training Solutions

Neathouse Partners

Often we find that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.  It may be fine for your personnel to attend a First Aid Training course that is not industry-relevant, but they may need bespoke training solutions for things like Working at Height or Risk Management.

This is where our tailored and bespoke training solutions come in. 

At Neathouse Partners, we have a strong emphasis on training and development for all of our team and appreciate the benefits that this brings, not only internally but in the form of more effective solutions that we are able to deliver for our clients.

Health and safety compliance means ensuring that your staff have the skills, knowledge, training and experience to carry out their duties safely and effectively. 

Many business owners don’t know where to begin with this.  That’s why we are here to help, inform, advise and strategise with you to ensure that the training that you implement is relevant and effective. 

We can design the programme for you, manage certification and then retain and review records for you, keeping an up-to-date training matrix for your business that ensures you never miss a certification renewal or have a shortage of health and safety qualified staff within your business.

Health and safety compliance across your business is not a choice; it’s a necessity. 

To find out more information about our training solutions or to discuss your requirements, please give us a call, and one of our expert advisors will be happy to help.

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