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HR For small businesses

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Are you looking for small business HR services? Is it time for your business to tighten up its HR compliance? If so, you’ve come to the right place for HR advice, HR support services and HR consultancy services.

As small business specialists, we know that HR issues can cause a considerable strain on your business, overwhelming you, causing you unwanted stress, and making your working day feel impossible. That’s why we offer cost effective HR services in a business package that is suitable for every small business owner. Our aim is to deliver a service that ensures legal compliance, and performance management and provides all the support you could need.

Most small businesses have issues with human resources management because they lack the time to deal with employee problems. The issues go unchecked, and before you know it, a minor issue becomes a major one. Sounds familiar? Couple this with the cost of a fully-fledged HR department; even larger businesses don’t have the money for expert HR teams or in-house employment law solicitors.

Let our Expert team take care of your HR

Small Business HR Services
HR consultants for small business
small business HR support
HR services for small businesses

HR Advice For Small business Owners

Neathouse Partners

Small business owners are not experts in HR or Employment Law – nor should they be. That’s why we offer HR advice for small business owners.

Without the ability to keep up with the latest in HR developments, Health and safety, and UK employment law, no one is entirely sure that they have the right answers for their business HR issues. That’s why at Neathouse we provide ongoing business HR support or ad hoc HR support when you need it for your growing business.

Neathouse Partners Are HR Consultants For Small Businesses

Neathouse Partners

Whether you have a dedicated in-house HR team or not, Neathouse Partners are HR consultants for your small business that can provide specialist advice that removes this strain for you.

We know you want to minimise the HR problems that you have, free up your time for other aspects of running your company, and to get the most out of your staff. Small business HR support services like ours can help you with this.

It’s why we offer a comprehensive HR service for small businesses who want to have some help with their HR functions and keep themselves legally compliant.

We Can Help Your Small Business With...

Neathouse Partners

We can offer tailored HR solutions to small businesses and provide guidance that can cover every issue in HR that you could face, including advising you on the HR processes you need to take.

We’ll help you to keep your business as organised as possible while remaining functional and legally compliant with some of the best HR advice in the industry.

Small Business HR

Common issues small business owners come to us about include disciplinaries, managing staff grievances, issues with maternity leave, HR policies, and absent & sick employees.

We understand these things can drain your business resources, and we aim to provide a stopper for that drain. We can take HR tasks out of your hands provide a HR service that aims to minimise your stress and free up your time for business activity that genuinely matters to you (and pays the bills).

We want to help you to deal with your problems effectively without the risk of an expensive employment tribunal.

Our team of expert CIPD qualified HR Consultants, and in-house Employment Lawyers are both reliable and professional as well as industry experts who can carry out the solutions that you need for your HR problems.

 We provide a personal service that is tailored to your specific business needs – no call centres, no robots, just real people who are passionate about HR.

so we understand the pressures you’re under.

Our reputation precedes itself, and we are here to make your working life far more comfortable – you’ll never be let down by us. We keep all your HR documentation up to date, and each member of our team is trained to the highest professional standards, which should provide you with an extra layer of reassurance.

Once you start using our HR services, you’ll feel the benefits. Saving you time and money is easy when we get started, and our services are affordable, coming in a variety of packages to suit your budget.

It’s not always cost-effective to bring on an HR manager within your business, but our small business HR services are of high quality and the best option for you. As we are taking care of everything for you, you’ll never have to worry about your time being taken up by HR issues again. Check out our HR packages below:


Fully outsourced HR services

Neathouse Partners

Fully outsourced HR services based on simple fixed-fees, giving you full control over your HR.

Neathouse Partners specialises in small business HR services to businesses Our HR support is for every business owner in need of peace of mind that their hr service meets employment law standards and delivers effective hr solutions. Looking for reliable HR advice from HR specialists? Get in touch today.

Additional HR Support For Small Businesses

Neathouse Partners

Additionally, we can also offer access to:

What Our Clients Say

We help all businesses, from startups to massive brands,
dealing with the straightforward to the ultra-complex.

“They provide us with a great service! Fast, friendly & professional at all times! Always there to help with all your HR needs, I would highly recommend Neathouse Partners to any haulage company looking for support.”
Kirsty Leeson
Kirsty Leeson
Office Manager @ Scotlee Transport Services Ltd
“Neathouse Partners have helped us with our contract of employment and staff handbooks and have been there for us with invaluable HR advice when ever we needed them. I would recommend their services for any organisation looking for an outsourced HR & employment law support service.”
Dave Haynes
Dave Hayes
Chief Executive @ Age UK Salford
“It is the most quality and efficient service that I have dealt with since the inception of our business 12 years ago. 'Customer' is very much at the centre of everything Neathouse Partners does. Excellent continuous communication and up to date legal information on every step of the process. Thank you to the Neathouse team.”
Ruth Deacon
Ruth Deacon
Director @ Care-CFE Ltd

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