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Non Tax-Advantaged Share Plans

Staff will have the option to purchase shares in your company’s future if you choose to offer non tax-advantaged share plans.

There will be an agreed-upon pre-set price and hopefully, the employees benefit from an increase in value at time of exit.

There are many benefits of non-tax advantaged share plans for your business to consider. Learn more here and also the ways in which Neathouse Partners can assist with getting you and your staff set up with this share plan.

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What are Non Tax-Advantaged Share Plans?

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With non tax-advantaged share plans, there is no need for HMRC to approve their use. This type of share plan will enable you to provide your employees the option to buy shares in the future of your company.

The goal is that they will increase in value and the employee will walk away with this benefit when they leave.

It’s a great way to reward and incentivise your employees without immediately diluting shareholding. In this case, your employees are not being gifted partial ownership of the company as they are with share award schemes.

Advantages of Non Tax-Advantaged Share Plans for Your Business

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It’s an opportunity to recruit, retain, and most importantly, reward your employees.

You can offer equity in the company by giving your staff the option to purchase shares in the future at a price that your company defines.

It’s a great way to offer an incentive to those employees who aren’t eligible for tax-advantaged options plans like consultants or overseas staff.

With the right plan in place, which we can help you secure, your company can benefit from receiving the most effective tax benefits.

Employment Law, Directors Remuneration & Impact on Investors

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We can draft all the necessary documents required to implement this incentive and confirm data protection is in place for such arrangements.

Not only that but our team has extensive experience and can advise executives on directors’ remuneration and the additional corporate governance issues involved.

These are all vital aspects to weigh and consider as you move forward with implementing an employee incentive share plan or arrangement, and we can help.

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