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"Neathouse are excellent, and having constantly updates on the employment law and most popular topics really helps us. Great blog"
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At Neathouse Partners, we’re proud to work with a range of excellent clients, providing top-quality HR services built around their needs.

This is how we support Riversix Group Limited, trading as Chief Nation.

About Riversix

The Riversix Group trades as Chief Nation and owns a number of digital and event marketing brands. It uses a range of digital marketing and events to connect technology businesses to investors and new business opportunities across the world.

This cutting-edge business has a range of digital marketing, events and corporate staff, who together manage a complex services business.

We were delighted to be asked to take on Riversix Group’s HR and employment law services.

Where We Help

Neathouse Partners

Our team of HR professionals worked with the Group to take on the full remit of employment law and HR advisory support and direct services, offering a seamless end-to-end service that allowed our client to completely outsource these services to a trusted provider.

As part of this programme of work our team:

  • Drafted employment contracts, specific to each role and the nature of the agreement. These were designed in line with all relevant legislation and industry best practices to ensure that the company and new employees were both protected and clear on the contractual terms.
  • Created a staff handbook, again, following industry best practices. This gave all new employees an onboarding support resource that answered all typical questions about their new employer and helped them to feel welcome and up to speed with areas such as internal signposting, HR policies, company values, mission, purpose and so forth.
  • Managed employees who were dealing with mental health concerns, providing industry-guided support and assistance.

Running a business with global reach is a difficult proposition, and in-house HR resources can be expensive and difficult to maintain, especially as legislation, best practices and technologies in this field change constantly.

We were delighted to provide Riversix Group with the service they needed to run an efficient, effective and compliant HR function.

We continue to do so with great enjoyment – and results!

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