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"I find they're always available and quick to respond to emails/calls. The staff are very reliable and professional."
Cassie Ward
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Neathouse Partners

At Neathouse Partners, we provide HR and employment law support for small businesses which may not have an in-house HR manager. This is how we support South London Movers Ltd with its diverse requirements.

With twenty years of professional experience, South London Movers are a small removal company carrying out removals across Kingston, Kensington, London and beyond.

Providing storage facilities as well as highly rated removals, this fully insured company has performed over five hundred removals in the last year alone.

Focusing on increasing their recycling, with 97% of materials recycled in the past year, South London Movers has branched out to provide removals to those moving to Europe, as well as specialist services such as antique removals and packing help.

Where We Help

Neathouse Partners

For many years, Neathouse Partners have provided support for South London Movers Ltd to handle HR issues and plan ahead to build strong procedures for the future.

A single unexplained absence can make a huge impact on a house move, so Neathouse Partners has provided a high level of support and advice to South London Movers when it comes to handling unauthorised absences, and how to deal with staff who go AWOL.

An underperforming staff member could result in liability issues when it comes to moving valued possessions. We have advised South London Partners on the best way to speak to and dismiss underperforming staff members to eliminate liability issues and remain compliant with current employment law.

Maternity Leave
Maternity leave and pregnancy can be challenging for physically demanding roles, and navigating this can be fairly delicate. South London Movers has sought our help in how to best handle maternity and pregnancy for staff, what the expectations are, and how this impacts overall employment.

Employment Contracts
Having a solid employment contract is essential so that staff understand what is expected of them. We have helped South London Movers to draft and update employment contracts in line with changing roles, and adjustments to employment law regulations. This makes dealing with potential issues easier later down the line.

HR Policy
As well as drafting transparent contracts, we have also guided South London Movers on their HR policies and procedures, laying out expectations in a staff handbook. This is especially important for a small company without access to an HR manager to provide ongoing support for common issues surrounding disputes and staff sickness.

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