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Stortec Engineering Ltd is an international water and wastewater innovation company.

Based in Lancashire, the team comprises industry-leading experts working on biogas and water engineering solutions, from concept and supply chain to completion and support at every stage.

The company places a strong ethos on customer service and providing the best possible outcome for its varied portfolio of clients. With that in mind, Stortec sought our support as HR experts, to bring the professional expertise they needed to build a smooth and effective HR function.

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Over the years, we have worked with Stortec on many different issues.

Our HR and legal experts have provided tailored advice to develop new HR policies and update outdated procedures.

We have supported the development of the staff handbook based on industry best practices and all relevant legislation. Our extensive experience in supporting a wide range of companies to develop this type of documentation meant that we could offer clear advice on the tone and content. This ensured new employees had appropriate onboarding support, and clear signposting to important company policies and values.

We have worked closely with the company to support the drafting of employment contracts for new hires. Given the specialised nature of the industry, these took into account all of the relevant legislation. We have further supported the company by updating pre-existing contracts to clarify contractual terms.

As well as policy and practice, our team have supported Stortec with the day-to-day issues that can cause the biggest headaches for short-staffed HR teams. This includes dealing with unauthorised absences and issues with staff on sick leave.

One area of concern for Stortec, as with many other companies, is the potential legal minefield surrounding the process for staff disciplinaries and potential dismissals when required. We will step in to assist Stortec when applicable and help them navigate this process in a clear and compliant way, to undertake the disciplinary procedure for staff who find themselves at this point.

Our experts are delighted to have provided Stortec with many years of support, to help them run an effective and compliant HR function.

We strive to provide a great service at a competitive price – and keep our clients happy!

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