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Annica Millard
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A Better Choice (abc) Ltd, which trades as Sugar Rush International, provides a courier service that prides itself on its high integrity & putting staff and customer satisfaction at the heart of what they do. 

The Situation

Neathouse Partners

The team at Sugar Rush International got in touch with Neathouse Partners looking for assistance in reviewing and amending their existing self-employment agreement to ensure its compliance with staff members self-employment status and to ensure each staff member is looked after.

It can be challenging to determine if a staff member is an employee, worker or self-employed, and there are key tests such as control, mutuality of obligation and substitution that are used to determine a staff members employment status.

What We Did

Neathouse Partners

We provided a detailed review of their existing contract, advising on areas where clauses could be amended to achieve the company’s aims and advised on steps that could be taken to try and ensure self-employment status. We then assisted in drafting these amendments and provided an up-to-date Self-Employment Agreement.

The Result

Neathouse Partners

Sugar Rush International now has a Self-Employment Agreement that sets out the Self-Employment status of their drivers, whilst ensuring they are well looked after in the roles they perform. 

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