Disciplinary Hearing Notice Period – How Long Is It?

Discliplinary hearing notice period

Need to hold a disciplinary hearing and are wondering how much notice you need to give your employee? A disciplinary hearing notice period isn’t set in stone by employment law but there must be a reasonable amount of time given between notifying an employee that they are required to attend a disciplinary meeting and the […]



Redundancy is a reason for dismissal from employment, and for redundancies to be made, there must be a genuine business case that can prove that there is a reduced need for the type of work that the employee does. This can often occur when there is a downturn in sales, new systems replace manual workers, […]

Constructive Dismissal Examples: Important Information for Employees

Constructive dismissal examples

Constructive dismissal is a legal term in the United Kingdom that refers to when an employer has acted in such a way that the employee feels they have no choice but to resign. If the individual has over 2 years’ service, or if they have resigned in response to specific issues such as health and […]

SOSR Dismissal – What Does It Mean And When Can You Use It?

SOSR Dismissal

SOSR is an abbreviation for ‘some other substantial reason’, which is one of the five fair reasons for dismissal. SOSR was designed to cover the scenarios that don’t fit into the other four categories for dismissing an employee, but it often leaves employers with questions. So, what is SOSR dismissal and when can you use […]

Unfair Dismissal: Furlough As An Alternative To Redundancy?

Unfair Dismissal Furlough As An Alternative To Redundancy

Two recent cases demonstrate that the employment tribunal will examine whether the employer has considered furlough when determining whether an employee’s redundancy is unfair. We examine both cases in detail below, as well as outlining the implications for employers. Mhindurwa v Lovingangels Care Ltd This recent employment tribunal case concerned a live-in care assistant, Ms […]

What To Do If An Employee Fails To Return Company Property Upon Termination

what to do if an employee fails to return company property upon termination

What should you do if an employee fails to return company property upon termination? If a departing employee fails to return company equipment, such as a laptop or mobile phone you have supplied to them for their role, it can cause a significant cost to your business. We outline below the best precautions to take […]

Unfair Dismissal


Employees with at least two years’ service are protected against unfair dismissal and can bring a claim to the employment tribunal. Therefore, it is important that you understand how to dismiss employees fairly to protect your business from the risk of costly claims. Who can bring an unfair dismissal claim?​ Only employees with at least […]

Breach of Employment Contract


Breach of employment contract happens when an employer or employee fails to comply with the terms of the employment contract. We outline below the most common types of breaches and the potential claims that they can trigger. What is a ‘breach of contract’? A breach of contract occurs when either an employer or employee fails […]

Right To Be Accompanied

people coffee tea meeting

Employees have a statutory right to be accompanied by a work colleague or trade union representative at formal disciplinary and grievance hearings. We outline below what this right entails and the obligations you must fulfil as an employer to avoid the risk of potential claims.  When does the right to be accompanied apply? The statutory […]