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“Neathouse Partners provides a personalised Employment Law service, which makes it feel as if they are one of our team. Working with them is cost-effective and they are able to deliver pragmatic advice, geared towards finding real solutions. I would highly recommend.”
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Gemma Meadows
Corporate Services Manager @ Engenda Group Ltd


Neathouse Partners

Built on a reputation of trust, integrity and ethical business practices, Engenda Group’s business model keeps us busy!

Engenda Group’s mission is to become the market leader in the provision of essential, value-adding engineering services.

In the past, their growth strategy was based on an acquisition model so as you can imagine, each ‘acquired’ business had its own history, people and HR demands. Nowadays, Engenda are in a phase of consolidation.

Regular challenges include dealing with different employment contractual terms and conditions, TUPE transfers, not to mention advising on legacy HR issues. 

What We've Helped With

Neathouse Partners
  • Managing TUPE Transfers;
  • Assisting with Redundancies;
  • Advising on Performance Management;
  • Helping with Without Prejudice Negotiations;
  • Assessing the risk of Short-Term Dismissals;
  • Harmonising Employment Contracts.


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