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Neathouse Partners

JSS Digital own and manage Vodafone stores through the Vodafone franchise partner programme.

Outstanding customer service is key to the successful running of mobile phone stores, so the business recognises the value of developing a unified team.

The Situation

Neathouse Partners

Rikesh, the Managing Director of JSS Digital, sought the expertise of Neathouse Partners to advise on the employment law issues associated with his takeover of a Vodafone store.

Taking over the store involved a TUPE transfer, which is a complex area of employment law.

Essentially, all the Vodafone staff working in the store transferred across to JSS Digital’s employment as soon as the store was signed over.

The main issue JSS Digital faced was streamlining the terms of ex-Vodafone employees with its own staff.

What We Did

Neathouse Partners

We assisted JSS Digital by drafting a bespoke contract of employment and employee handbook, which complied with TUPE obligations but also met business needs.

Under TUPE legislation, the employees who transferred from Vodafone to JSS Digital were entitled to keep the same employment terms and benefits, which were rather extensive and unsustainable.

We assisted by distinguishing between Vodafone’s contractual terms and discretionary policies to harmonise such provisions with the rest of the business.

The Result

Neathouse Partners

JSS Digital now have a comprehensive employment contract and handbook which subjects all staff to comparable terms.

This promoted unity following the transfer and will help Rikesh to manage his business efficiently going forward.

If you want to find out how Neathouse Partners could help you, then speak to one of our advisers on 01244 893776.

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About The Author.

James Rowland

James Rowland

James is the Commercial Director at Neathouse Partners. He is responsible for all Account Management, Sales & Marketing within the company. Having gained a BSc in Psychology and further study for his post-grad Law degree, James embarked on his legal career in 2014. Since then, he has become an Associate Director at a national Employment Law boutique, studied for a Masters in Marketing, and as of 2018, been a Director at Neathouse Partners. Outside of the office, James is a keen cricketer, playing very badly (he calls himself a Batsman but averages single figures) in the Cheshire League for Nantwich CC. He also loves watching his childhood football team, Crewe Alexandra, and is an avid lover of cinema (his favourite film being Pulp Fiction). Feel free to connect with James on LinkedIn.


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