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Lisa Mills
Lisa Mills
Financial Controller @ LARS Communications Ltd


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LARS Communications Ltd have offered effective radio communication for 30 years, which means they understand the importance of communicating with their staff.

As a business who has worked hard to provide bespoke radio infrastructure solutions, LARS Communications Ltd works to keep the lines of communication open with their staff. They work to ensure that the needs of their broad customer base are met.

Who They Are

Neathouse Partners

There is a large range of services provided by LARS Communications, and customers get the choice of bespoke services like site surveys, site decommissioning and tower manufacture, or one-off radio site building solutions.

For years, LARS Communications Ltd have worked to extremely high standards to maintain their reputation for providing their customers with the best solutions in the industry all over the world. They make life as easy as possible for their clients. They know that their customers have more important things to do than worry about communications, so they worry for them!

LARS Communications works hard to employ the best people to ensure a high-quality, cost-effective solution along with excellent customer service.

How We Have Helped

Neathouse Partners

LARS Communications Ltd is all about communication, which is why they sought out our help. At Neathouse Partners, we have helped LARS Communications Ltd with:

  • Drafting employment contracts;
  • Writing their staff handbook;
  • Handling HR and employment law issues as and when they occur.


As experts in HR and employment law, we have proudly guided them on everything they need with regard to HR with their employees.

Our advice has enabled them to better communicate with their staff when problems arise, and we’ve provided excellent advice on employment contracts to ensure fairness all round.

If you want to find out how Neathouse Partners could help you, then speak to one of our advisers on 01244 893776 today.

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