How To Deal With Staff Who Are Always Late


Employee Lateness Occasionally employees will be late for work. Whether this is due to a family situation, public transport issues or simply they overslept. These are everyday situations where managers will need to decide if action is required. If they are infrequent, it may be decided that it is not necessary as it could create […]

Fining Employees For Calling In Sick

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Can you Charge an admin fee to employees for calling in sick? It has been revealed that a company in the Healthcare industry were imposing fines of £50 when employees phoned in sick. It has also been alleged that workers were not paid for absences following serious incidents. But is the legal? We discuss this […]

Stress in the Workplace at Christmas


Half of All employees feel stressed at christmas Over half of employees say that they feel stress during the festive period, or lethargic due to the winter months. This can be due to the weather, workload, the time constraints in the workplace (as many Companies close during Christmas), and increased personal expenditure.  Stress During The […]

Mental Health In The Workplace

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Changes for Mental Health Support With more people experiencing issues regarding mental health in the workplace, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) produced some additional guidance on how employers can support employees. This includes providing training for staff so that they are aware of the issues surrounding mental health and action that can be taken […]

Stress in the Workplace


What is workplace stress? Stress in the Workplace is categorised as an adverse reaction to excessive pressure. A person who is experiencing stress can demonstrate other physical and psychological conditions, such as anxiety or depression. Although pressure is a natural part of the workplace which can prove beneficial by improving an employee’s performance, too much […]

What is Occupational Health?


Occupational Health focuses on the physical and mental wellbeing of an employee for the prevention and treatment of job-related injuries and illnesses. How Is Occupational Health Provided In A Workplace? In large organisations, a medical professional (for example a part-time doctor, physiotherapist or potentially a psychologist) may be charged with maintaining the occupational health in […]

Dismissing An Employee On Sick Leave


Can You Dismiss An Employee On Sick Leave? It is a common misconception that employees that are on sick leave cannot be dismissed. Legally they remain an employee until they are dismissed, or they resign, so it is in an Employers best interest to take action as soon as possible.  Why Employees Need To Address […]

How To Deal With Persistent Short Term Absence


Persistent Short-Term Absence Persistent short-term absence has a significant impact on business regarding productivity and morale. A fine balance must be struck between trying to support employees who have long-term health issues and addressing those who persistently take time off with minor ailments. Addressing Absence In The Workplace Before you can address the absence in […]