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Bullying And Harassment In The Workplace

Many employees choose to stay silent about their traumatising victimisation in a belief it may hinder their career prospects or upset the team dynamics. Hierarchical bullying can take place in any direction and is not stereotypically inflicted through misuse of power, from managers down to employees. It can take place between any number of people and in an upwards or horizontal direction within an organisation’s hierarchical structure. A survey conducted by The Workplace Bullying Institute found same gender bullying forms 68% of bullying and is most commonly found occurring among women.

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Dismissing Employees for Theft

While theft is undoubtedly not the type of conduct that an employer should have to tolerate and can attract ‘instant dismissal’, it is important for employers to understand what ‘instant dismissal’ means in legal terms and in practice otherwise they run the risk of an employee bringing a claim for unfair dismissal against them.

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