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“Neathouse Partners have helped us with our contract of employment and staff handbooks and have been there for us with invaluable HR advice when ever we needed them. I would recommend their services for any organisation looking for an outsourced HR & employment law support service.”
Dave Haynes
Dave Haynes
Chief Executive @ Age UK Salford


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Age UK Salford is an independent local charity and has been working actively in their local community for over 40 years

Age UK is a name you will be aware of from their work supporting older people right across the country. But you may not be aware that they are all independent local charities responsible for their own governance, funding, health and safety and HR.

Age UK Salford provides services ranging from information and advice on social care, housing, scams, and legal issues to home services which can provide assistance with general household chores.

The Age UK brand which has built a reputation in the UK for exceeding expectations to care for those who need it.

An organisation with such an ethical core is, obviously, going to care about its own members of staff. The workers at Age UK Salford are responsible for delivering the caring services that so many older people need

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Therefore, it is essential for the organisation to receive ethical employment law and HR advice as and when employee issues arise. This is where having a long-term relationship with Neathouse Partners, helps them to balance the firm, but fair approach to any problem that occurs.

Our HR and legal experts provide guidance to ensure that Age UK are taking the necessary steps to look after their employees.

With our outsourced HR support, we were able to provide continuous support to help resolve any problems that surfaced on a daily basis.

Given that Age UK Salford are an ethical brand centred on helping people, it made complete sense that they wanted to adopt the same approach towards their own staff members.

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