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“Having used Neathouse Partners for some time, they have proved to be a great resource for us when dealing with some difficult HR issues. I am more than happy with their service, and I am happy to recommend them to others looking for this type of service.”
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Chris Steele
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Crown Rail & Environmental Services can offer commercial and industrial customers many different environmental services such as tree surgery, rail devastation, landscape design and ground maintenance

Crown Rail & Environmental Services offers a plethora of construction and environmental services to industrial and commercial customers all over the United Kingdom. Although Crown Rail & Environmental Services are best known for their offerings in tree surgery, landscape designing, rail devastation and ground maintenance.

What is not widely known about Crown Rail & Environmental Services is the movements they make to ensure minimal environmental impact from their services. They also provide sustainable waste service to prevent health and safety risks to vehicles, personnel, buildings and ground.

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Neathouse Partners

As there is a widely required skill set and rather a lot that requires careful monitoring, Neathouse partners have been able to offer much in the way of HR support to Crown Rail & Environmental Services.

They have seen the benefits of having professionally drafted employment contracts, and a tailored staff handbook that helps their employment force all know what is expected of them. Companies that set high standards to the environment have specific requirements that need to be outlined clearly and concisely to convey a single message to the entire workforce.

We know that companies like Crown Rail & Environmental Services have many factors to control so by using our outsourced HR department, they can concentrate on what matters to them without having to worry about any legal issues should they occur.

It is a given that with companies like this, ethics play a huge part in their operations, whether it’s on the job or with their employees, and this is where Neathouse Partners excel.

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