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"Having used Neathouse for some time now, I can highly recommend their services. I always get a quick response from my advisor (Gwyn Edwards), the advice is practical, and I always feel confident that they're helping us with the correct approach"
Jasmin Bemmelem
Jasmin Bemmelen
Head of People and Culture @ Action Tutoring Ltd


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Action Tutoring is a charity that supports disadvantaged young people and children in unlocking their academic potential.

The charity looks to address the attainment gap prevalent in the education system by forging connections with schools nationwide and using volunteer tutors to help pupils increase their study skills and subject knowledge.

Action Tutoring comprises a team of around 70 employees committed to opening pupils up to future opportunities they are otherwise deprived of, given their socio-economic background. Their belief in the infinite potential of young people and children has allowed them to deliver 31,763 tutoring sessions to 5,523 pupils across the country between 2020 and 2021.

Where We Help

Neathouse Partners

Action Tutoring uses Neathouse Partners to provide HR & employment law advice.

In turn, we help them to navigate employment legislation and manage their nationwide employee base effectively.

Action Tutoring’s assigned lawyer with Neathouse Partners, Gwyn Edwards, initially reviewed their employment contracts and advised the SLT on key terms and meanings within these documents.

We’ve also supported Action Tutoring in developing an Employee Handbook, taking into consideration the individual businesses’ needs and culture. The charity can continually draw on this resource when expanding its reach and implementing new growth policies.

The SLT team at Action Tutoring has built a great culture in the business; their teams are performing well no matter where they are based, and Neathouse continues to support them, ensuring their policies are up to date.

If you’re wondering how Neathouse Partners could help your business, contact one of our advisors today on 01244 893776.

Action Tutoring is always looking for more volunteers to tutor with them, no previous experience is necessary. Visit their website: www.actiontutoring.org.uk for more information.

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