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Health and Safety Services

With fines totalling £72.6 million in 2017/18, there is no denying that Health and Safety is a major concern for businesses.

Fines over £1 million have been deemed the norm for Health and Safety failures in the UK. Is this something that your business could afford?

Health and Safety compliance is not optional.

Failures in this area have been the cause of many company closures throughout the country. 

We can ensure that this does not happen to you with our Health and Safety services.

Our multi-disciplined team will be able to support you every step of the way, ensuring you have the right policies and procedures in place, that your business is fully compliant, and that you carry out regular risk assessments and take the right course of action based on their findings.

Many business owners assume that they do not need to be concerned with Health and Safety because their work environment is a “safe” one.

However, there are risks in all workplaces.

Take the office as a prime example. Many would assume that this is one of the safest environments, especially when compared with the likes of construction.

However, Repetitive Strain Injury is a real worry for desk workers.

Moreover, stress can accumulate in any environment, and if you are deemed responsible for this by not putting the correct provisions in place, you could find yourself with a massive legal battle on your hands.

It is not worth the risk. Give Neathouse Partners a call today to find out more about what we can do for you.

Fixed Fee Health And Safety services

Site Visits

Up to one full day on your site (additional days or locations can be purchased).


Health & Safety auditing and General Risk Assessments.

Health & Safety Policy

Review, develop or re-write your company Health & Safety policy.

Unlimited Support and advice

As well as advice on which additional Health & Safety assessments you may need.

Safe System of Work

Assist in the implementation of your Safe System of Work (a legal requirement under section 2 of HASAWA 1974 with 5 employees or more).

Accident Investigation

Advise on how to carry out a thorough and robust accident investigation should an accident/incident occur.

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