HR Software 

From £2 Per Employee Per Month*

  • Record Absences & Manage Holidays
  • Evaluate Employee Performance
  • Identify Training Needs
  • Manage Personnel & Training Files
  • Calculate Commissions & Bonuses
  • Real Time Reports
  • Store Employment Documents
  • + Much More

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HR Software on demand

Neathouse Partners HR software system is the perfect tool for business looking to move away from the old-fashioned spreadsheet way of working. Manual processes take up valuable time, time which our system can give you back to concentrate on other vital areas of your business. The HR software can be purchased in conjunction with our other advisory services to form a fully outsourced HR department, or just on its own. Check out the features below.

hr software

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hR software features

A comprehensive tool for business leaders

  • A Fully Customisable Framework
  • Holiday & Absence Management
  • Self service holiday accrual and booking
  • Bradford Factor Tool
  • Shared Absence & Attendance Calendar
  • Send Messages & Set Reminders
  • Clocking In & Out with late notifications
  • Staff rosters and Timesheets
HR Softwear Absence Report
HR Software Calendar
  • Reports Dashboard
  • KPI's & Targets
  • Monitor Performance
  • Full HR Document Suite
  • Simple Traffic Light System
  • Editable Templates
  • Tasks, messages and reminders
  • Share documents
  • Commission & Bonus Tracker
  • Individual Dashboards
  • Employee Logon
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Send Messages & Set Reminders
  • Evaluation Builder
  • Maintain training logs
  • Birthday and anniversary notifications
  • People MI and analytics
  • Cloud based, providing access on any device, any
    time, from anywhere

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organisation chart and internal directory

Structure your Business for growth

Businesses need structure to function and grow. Without structure, there’s very little clarity and focus for your employees; nobody knows whom to report to, and responsibilities are ignored. Having a clear organisation structure allows the flow of leadership and authority, in which every individual is supposed to have a clear idea of what they do, whom they manage, and whom they report to. With our system, you are shown a clear organisational structure for your business. If you click on a staff member, it shows their role, department, phone number and extension number. Useful to quickly look up members of staff you need to get hold of.

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