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We save businesses  time, money and resources by reducing their Employment Law & HR issues  - no hidden fees, no extra charges.

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Who Are Neathouse Partners?

Neathouse Partners was established to provide businesses with another way of looking at their employment law and HR services.

Traditionally, law firms operate on an hourly rate, so companies have to pay for time, and not an outcome. Neathouse Partners are here to provide another way.

We want to put you, the business leader, in the driving seat. We work for what's best for your business all for an affordable fixed fee.

Our Values & Mission

Provide our clients with a quality service

​​​​build long term relationships

reduce stress for our clients

always put the client first

To be a responsible provider

Support Our Clients Bottom Line

Services By Neathouse Partners

How We help businesses Save Time, Money And Resources

Our clients no longer have to accept questionable advice from unqualified consultants or 'faceless' call-centres. We dedicate a fully qualified, and highly experienced advisor to your business for one point of contact and continuity of advice.

However, let’s not be under any illusion; any business with one employee or more can face a tribunal claim (including your business). This could cost you more than £30,000.

Employees used to have to pay to bring a tribunal claim, however, since 29th July 2017, fees were banned. Since then, claims against employers have soared by a staggering 90% and continue to do so.

Some genuine, some not so much… and just because the claim made against you is false, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a win.

Unfair dismissal claims, on average, cost £28,089. £11,546 of that being paid out in legal fees to hourly rate non-specialist legal support. Forget about the money for a second, think about the days, weeks and months of stress and worry while you try to keep your business afloat.

Once you become a client of Neathouse Partners, the stress will end. You’ll receive the unlimited support from our employment law and HR advisory team.

These are highly skilled and experienced, CIPD qualified HR Consultants and Employment lawyers, available anytime to solve any employee problem you have.

We will significantly reduce the number of employee issues and legal cost within your business.

We Grow with our clients

"I receive no-nonsense employment law advice on how to achieve my objectives & practical advice on how to manage the risk. This is a refreshing change from my experience of other companies who take a procedural and risk-averse approach."

Shazia Begum, Managing Director at Brighter Futures UK Ltd

"This company are offering something quite exceptional. Whilst I have only recently been onboarded with them, I have already received service and advice that simply goes above and beyond expectations. We could not be happier."

Robert Wakefield, Managing Director at Siteglide Ltd

"I have used Neathouse Partners over the past few years and couldn't recommend the "Elite" package highly enough. They will go above and beyond to help me with whatever employment law issue I have at the time."

Sam Williams, Office Manager at A Lench Construction Ltd

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All services and work we do is always undertaken by experienced and qualified HR consultants & Employment Lawyers. All services quoted can be included within your fixed monthly price. We never have any hidden fees or extra charges.