What Do We Learn Following New Rulings On Holiday Pay?

New rulings on holiday pay

The Supreme Court’s ruling in November 2021 on the Harpur Trust vs Brazel case provides clarity on workers’ rights on how paid annual leave is accumulated for employees on permanent zero-hours contracts. Employers now have work to do in ensuring they accrue and pay workers properly for annual leave owed which should be accumulated according […]

Zero Hour Contract Holiday Pay Entitlement


The rules around zero-hours contracts can seem complex to those who are used to dealing with more traditional employment contracts. We outline below the law on holiday entitlement, as well as addressing questions such as whether zero-hours workers get paid time off and how to calculate the holiday pay that they are entitled to. Legal […]

Sickness Absence And Holiday Pay

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When an employee is absent from work for a substantial period, questions may arise as to their holiday entitlement. We outline below: What happens to an employee’s holiday entitlement during sickness absence Whether holiday can be taken during sickness absence What happens to holiday that cannot be taken due to sickness absence Accruing holiday during […]

Is Rolled-Up Holiday Pay Legal?


When you are a business owner, it is vital that you are aware of the best practices of annual leave entitlement. One of the issues that frequently comes up is the issue of “rolled-up” holiday pay. This term refers to a situation where employees are routinely paid a sum of money with their usual wages […]

Rest Breaks At Work


Employment law on breaks can seem confusing to some employers. Having a clear idea of the rights of your employees and their break times in the UK is vital if you own a business. There are all different kinds of breaks, from work breaks to cigarette breaks – which are workers entitled to, and for […]

Holiday Pay: Factoring In Commission, Overtime, Allowances And Bonuses

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When an employee works a set amount of hours and receives a fixed salary, working out their holiday entitlement is a relatively straightforward task. However, calculations become a little more difficult for zero-hours staff, or when staff work overtime or receive commission or bonuses regularly. The General Rule To Holiday Pay The general rule is […]

Contractor Holiday Pay – Are Sub-Contractors Entitled To Holiday Pay?

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The issue of contractor holiday pay has always been a controversial topic in employment law, with many cases referred to the Employment Appeals Tribunal. The main case in recent years concerning contractors is Plastering Contractors Stanmore Limited v Holden. In this case, Mr Holden worked as a general labourer for PCS from 1997. From 2001 […]